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AEIRC works with partners worldwide to connect research and development for effective capacity building, mental health care, advocating research outcomes, community awareness, and strengthening research based culture.


The AEIRC Ethics Review Committee (ERC), Pakistan, ensures that AEIRC conducts and supports research of only highly ethical standards. The projects adhere to supreme principles that protect the dignity and rights of human participants. The Ethics Committee is responsible for looking after all the research projects … 

Research Solutions

Competent and well-versed clinical research solutions are the real essence of AEIRC. We collaborate for R&D initiatives and work regularly with an extensive network of the public and private sectors including academia, corporate industries, nonprofit organizations, and Government agencies .

AEIRC Publishing

AEIRC Publishing is an exclusively owned not-for-profit subsidiary of the Advance Educational Institute and Research Center (AEIRC). The mission is to support the scientific and educational purposes through scholarly publishing activities in the field on its own behalf.

Neurofeedback Clinic

AEIRC free mental health clinic, providing a unique combination of psychotherapy aided by neurofeedback and Biofeedback in Pakistan. We provide free consultation with personalized neurofeedback protocols to attain optimal mental health.

01. Psychological Assessment

A psychological assessment is gathering information to evaluate a person’s behavior, character, strengths, and needs for the purpose of diagnosing, setting goals, and recommending treatment.

02. neurofeedback and Biofeedback

Biofeedback is a process that enables an individual to learn how to change physiological activity for the purposes of improving health and performance.

03. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy aims to improve an individual’s well-being and mental health, to resolve or mitigate troublesome behaviors, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts, or emotions, and to improve relationships and social skills.

AEIRC Solutions Collaborators 

Latest Contributions

We publish several books, e-book collections, and journal articles. 

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